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Why Are Nurses So Important?

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Whether you know it or not, nurses are heroes and these heroes are under appreciated in the system of healthcare. Not many people realise that nurses provide almost majority of the healthcare services in comparison to doctors and other health providers. Whether is it critical care nursing jobs from Sydney or just in clinics, nurses are vital to the healthcare system and not even doctors would care to admit. However, for educational purposes, here are reasons as to why nurses are very important and vital to the healthcare system.


The job role is very emotional and it is not something that everyone can do. Nurses have to work from a range of people; from newborn babies to old patients who are almost at the end of the tunnel. Nursing means that you need to be linked to your emotions to do your job but at the same time you need to be strong as well to deal with everything around you. Having a smile on your face, no matter what situation you face is important too.

Knowing a bit of everything

Nurses are required to know a little bit of everything although they can specify into certain areas in medicine as well. They will be able to feed you bits of information from gynaecology to oncology to dermatology. During training they tend to take in a lot of information and are able to triage and assist patients that visit the hospital. This can only be done if there is dedication and passion.

Functions of the body

Nurses are able to do more than assisting patients. They provide support with functions of the body as well. With kindness, nurses will assist those who undergo surgeries or even if they are of older age. Link here http://medicallplacements.com/mental_health.html is a perfect place for a http://medicallplacements.com/mental_health.html that will satisified your needs.


Nurses deal with a lot of emotion for any patient that comes through. There are countless numbers of deaths that take place in the hospital and nurses are emotional stable to handle these types of situations as well. Their job continues to the point where they will support the family and help them come to terms with the death of their loved ones.

Long shifts

No matter how long their shifts are, nurses will always greet you with a smile and you will not even know that they have been working for long hours. They never get a chance to relax and they do not take the chance to relax either. Since doctors do not have enough time to engage with the patient, nurses are the advocates that look into each and everything to ensure that you are okay. The above reasons conclude as to why nurses are very important!